A poetic wildlife documentary about the search for a lost childhood memory in a tidal area.
‘Wadland’ explores tide and time in this natural space around the edges of the Dutch island Terschelling.

Winner Ó Bhéal Award for Best Poetry Film at the Indie Cork Film Festival 2014
Winner ‘Best Film’ in the ‘Delta Young Talent Competition’ at the Film by the Sea Film Festival 2012.
Nominated ‘Best Cinematography’ at the SFFL 2012 and Film by the Sea 2012.

Wadland | Marleen van der Werf | Teaser from Wild Work Productions.

Screenings of ‘Wadland’:
International Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, 2015
CYCLOP 4th International Videopoetry Festival, Ukraine 2014
Indie Cork Film Festival – Ireland 2014
ReVersed Poetry Film Festival 4-6 April 2014, Kriterion, Amsterdam
Art in Science – 16-26 April 2013 – University of Amsterdam
North Sea Film Festival – 10th of November 2012 in Rotterdam.
Kunst10daagse Bergen – 19-28 October 2012 in Bergen.
ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival – 18-21th of October 2012 in Berlin.
SOMNIO Film Festival – 22th & 23th of September in Alkmaar.
Student Film Festival London – 4th of February 2012 in London.
Film by the Sea in the Delta Short Competition– 16th of September 2012 in Vlissingen.

‘Wadland’ (9min36) has been broadcasted by ‘Omroep Zeeland’.
Parts of the documentary Wadland where shown as part of Oerol-tube during the Oerol festival on Terschelling.
Some images from the film ‘Wadland’ have been included in the Channel 5 programme ‘Robson Green Extreme Fisherman’.

Wadland is a graduation film for the Master in Wildlife Documentary Production at the University of Salford, UK by Marleen van der Werf.
The music is made by Dennis van Tilburg.
With special thanks to Misja Pekel.

Wadland is a Wild Work Production.

Wild Work Productions LOGO

The judges of the Ó Bhéal Award for Best Poetry Film at the Indie Cork Film Festival 2014 had the following to say about Wadland:

“A sensitive and poignant study of an ecosystem by a filmmaker whose knowledge and appreciation of the subject matter shines in each finely crafted shot.”

“Wadland invites us into a liminal landscape, to experience that intimate place where sea meets sand, where the strength and fragility of living is inhabited and washed away in tidal cycles. The imagery, beautifully captured is poetic in it’s own right, while the poem is heart felt and intelligent. Wadland is a true marriage of poetry and film.”

“Wadland comes pretty close to being a perfect poetry film.”

“Exploring the metaphor of tidal-land sea-life as symbolic of our own lives, is both frightening and enlightening, and this delicate subject matter has been treated beautifully here. The balance between poem, image and music in Wadland is terrific and absolutely captivating. It does the best of what both poetry and film can do – it takes you somewhere new, within yourself.”



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