Overig Werk/Other Works

Other projects Marleen van der Werf contributed to:

– ‘Officier van Justitie’ (‘The Prosecutor’) (2014) for which Marleen van der Werf was assistent director and cinematography can be seen here: 2doc – Officier van Justitie’

– ‘Wave’ is a filmic installation exploring the time and space of 25 filmframes/1 second.

– ‘Last Red Standing’ is a 7 minute documentary about red squirrel conservationists around Formby, U.K.

– ‘Whispering’ is a dance film in which the Dutch landscape plays a prominent role.
The film is currently in post-prodcution.
Images from this film have been used in the dance performance ‘Souffles’

– Met Blote Handen (With Bare Hands is a short documentary (5min17, 2009) about a beekeeper and his perspective on the future of the bees.

Met Blote Handen




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