Marleen van der Werf


After finishing her Research Masters in both Biology and Philosophy, Marleen van der Werf graduated for a Masters in (wildlife) documentary filmmaking in the UK.
From out this background, Marleen developed her own distinctive style of writing and audiovisual storytelling.

Marleen van der Werf writes, produces, directs, shoots and edits (documentary) film projects, installations and performances which are shown and awarded all over the world.

For more information see:
info [at] marleenvanderwerf (dot) com

Completed works (selection):

The award winning graduation film ‘Wadland’ (2013)
represents the poetic search for

a lost childhood memory in a tidal area
where time and space continually change.

In the also prize winning documentary ‘Once Upon a Tree’ (2014)
Marleen again combines her love for both nature and philosophy.

In this magical realistic film Marleen portraits the 11 year old Filine
who fears to lose her favourite oak tree

– a metaphor for the childhood she is about to lose.

The meditative Where the Money Grows(2015),
is entirely filmed on 15 square meters.

Soundscapes and images take over,
as this story is told without using any dialogue or voice over.

‘Levende Duinen’ (Living Dunes) (2016)
is an audio-walk in which music and audio are gps-controled.

The aim was to create the experience of ‘sense of place’
in an ever changing coastal area.

‘Zee van Zand’ (Sea of Sand) (2017) is a musical and visual improvisation
in a dune lanscape at night. Water, light, words and wind help to shape
the cinematic impressions that rise from the sand.

‘time and tide’ (tijd en tij) (2018) is an cinematic essay on the nature of stilling.
Along the coast, filmmaker Marleen van der Werf follows the tides of the wind.
Her camera encounters the void of stillness as the natural scenery becomes the simile for the mental landscape.